I am currently in LOVE with this fabric line – Fanfare flannel by Cloud9’s Rae Hoekstra.

photo 2

Rae has a wonderful blog –  Made by Rae – which is full of awesome patterns, projects and pictures to get you creating too :).

What am I going to make with this AMAZING fabric? Definitely some Christmas-y plans with these. To be honest, my family doesn’t keep secrets very well. We also have this ‘bad’ habit of giving Christmas gifts super early. Here’s the back story…

When I was kid, we would travel every Thanksgiving and Christmas to visit each set of Grandparents. One set lived 8 hours away, the other 10. In opposite directions. We would leave around December 21st, so of course we would open presents before we left. Now you might be asking – Why did your parents not just pack your gifts and open them at the gparents? Because we didn’t have the space in our little dodge shadow. And secretly, I think my Dad couldn’t wait. Seriously. Dad always puts on a firm face about things, demanding we wait until Christmas. But every year I’m home, we still totally open presents up on the 22nd or 23rd… Love you, Dad.

So this year, in October, I got an email from my Mom. She had found a deal on a new sewing machine and wanted to see if it was what I was looking for. It was. SO – a new early for my family – but a wonderful surprise for me – was this fantastic Christmas in October (You might be thinking – this family is crazy. Not only can we not wait for Christmas nor keep a secret – we can NOT resist a good deal ;))

Merry Christmas!

photo 1

I LOVE this machine. It’s amazing and I have been using it like a fiend since I got it (cough) four weeks ago…

All that to say – I am going to use this Fanfare fabric to make some pjs for my Mom and Sister for Christmas (which they both knew before I posted this… again – bad with secrets). This will be my first adventure with pj pants, which I’m pretty excited about. I’m also thinking about making a nice wintery scarf – since it is flannel and all.

Making anything fun for Christmas? Have you ever made pjs before? Any advice?

🙂 K

PS. Looking for a place to pick up a bit of Fanfare for yourself? Check out PinkCastleFabrics or Hawthornethreads.com