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Depression and ambition fight back and forth in January. Cold and dark vs. the new year with new promise. I really love the winter solstice – I feel like this should be the true last day of the year – for the very reason that each day after gets a little longer and a little brighter. Until the summer, where we cycle back. I love that.

There was a lot to reflect on in 2014. What did I make with Kare this year…? Lots of little bits here and there, but mostly, well, a baby. In fact, one of the reasons this site tapered off and became neglected was carpal tunnel brought on by pregnancy. Not much sewing was done and typing was equally painful. It wasn’t until a few weeks after M was born that I was able to do those things without my hands going numb. I am so excited to finally be making some time to truly get back into it again.

So I’ve made some plans. Little goals here and there for the year. I know that raising a fairly well-adjusted human is my number one goal (while maintaining some semblance of sanity – we’re hopeful about this), but I’m trying to set some personal ones that are attainable and a few others that are lofty. Here are a few more – in no particular order.

1) Write more. 

I used to love to journal. I have books upon books filled with deliberations and obsessions. Writing helps me process. I want to reflect on life and motherhood – all that is good – and all that is frustrating. So a new journal is in my purse and this blog is started up again.

2) Become more than an observer on social media.

I’m terrible at this. Commenting on facebook, blogs, and instagram intimidates me. Which is silly. And I want to get over it. So I either want to participate or get rid of it. Do you ever struggle with this? How have you engaged more with people on social media?

3) Read books.

Less reading of other peoples lives on Facebook and Twitter, more reading of wonderful books and stories. First book on my list (also in my purse) a beautiful disaster by Marlena Graves. This book has been incredibly encouraging to me so far and I highly recommend it. More reflections on the book to come. Open to suggestions- so if you’re currently reading something stellar, let me know!

4) Craft for others.

I want to create to give. Make projects to encourage people.

5) Take steps to be more healthy – soul, mind, body.

Pretty typical new years resolution-y stuff here. But I hope to take it on piece by piece and focus on motive and healthy living instead of just “weight loss”. Because there’s always more to it than that.

So here we go. 2015 is going to be quite the year. Here’s to each day, a little brighter than the one before.

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