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Mom and Dad

I am so excited that I get to see these two people next week. And guess what, next week it’s also their 30th wedding anniversary. Crazy, right?

In honor of anniversaries and weddings, here’s a little throwback with the Zombies. We played this at ours and I LOVE the video that this youtuber made for it.

Happy Thursday.


I was a weird kid. Born in the 80s,  believe it or not – my first concert was just south of Pittsburgh to see… the Monkees.

photo 1

Yes. Those Monkees.

One day, must have been first grade, I was going through my Aunt and Uncle’s video collection and I stumbled across a few Monkees episodes and I fell in love. My Dad was super big into music. At one point he probably had over 500 albums – so 60s and 70s music was what I grew up listening to. Not missing an opportunity, he got out all of his old Monkees records – taped up the sides to keep them together they had been played so much. So we played them some more.

One Saturday in fifth grade, Dad and I were listening to Oldies 93 WBBG and they were running a radio contest… to see the Monkees. (You may be unaware that the Monkees had their 30 year reunion in 1996 and released an album with all four monkees – JUSTUS. A Monkees tv special also aired that year…)

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 3.40.58 PM

We called. And called again. We were caller number 10 – 2 tickets to see the Monkees.

photo (19)

They were great. I remember wiping the tears from my eyes as I looked through the binoculars (we were a ways back, but it didn’t matter). Dad asked me what was wrong. I remember thinking – this is amazing – but I’m pretty sure what came out was “Dad! They’re SO old.”

Since then I’ve gone through my phases. Davy to Mike Nesmith to Mickey. Sorry, Peter. I felt bad that they treated you so poorly, but I never really liked any of your songs. (Though Auntie Griselda and Peter Percival were both quite humorous.) Interestingly enough, I did end up marrying a Davey, but I think he looks more like Mickey <3…

What was your favorite band growing up? Any other Monkees fans out there?