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Pillows have been an easy place to start as far as sewing. So if you’re looking for an idea or just a place to begin – they’re square, easy to measure, easy to sew – Go for pillows. I have pillowed up my house…

photo 5

And my parents house…

photo 1

And it’s been great 🙂 Nice splashes of color, reusing old pillows that I’m tired of. So I decided it was time to try something different. Like piping… Needless to say I was a bit intimidated, so of course – I checked out youtube and found this awesome video.

There is some name dropping as far as the company/fabric/etc. but all in all it was SUPER helpful in figuring out the world of piping. I love watching expert seamstresses, especially when they inspire confidence and don’t overwhelm – and this video did that really well.

photo 3  photo 2

A couple of my big takeaways from this project –

  • It’s ok to use a zipper foot if you don’t have a cording foot (though it’s hard to get super close to the cord/pipe.
  • Making snips on the corners is super important for a nice fit, but don’t snip too much or you’ll see it when you put the pillow together.
  • Pick a piping that has a nice contrast. I attempted to do another set of pillows with my own home-made piping. My piping looked great, but the two fabrics I chose did not have enough of a contrast and the pillow turned out kind of bleah. Sad day.
  • Pressing is slowly becoming more important to me. When I first started sewing I would avoid the iron like the plague. I’m realizing more and more how pressing can make a project look more professional. With this project, I pressed the front piece of the pillow that has the cotton and the print on it. I was really happy with how these fabrics looked together, and pressing them ahead of time made the pillow look really nice at the end.

And I was pretty proud of how these turned out!

photo 1

Have you ever tried piping before?  Any advice?