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On Saturday, I started and finished my first attempt at sewing in circles: Quilted coasters!


Ellen Luckett Baker has written several fantastic books and I’ve found her tutorials to be awesome and easy to follow. I received her latest 1,2,3, Quilt from my Mother in law this Christmas and dove in. To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed by all of the amazing projects in this book. I think sometimes I get this block in my head, like a… “You can’t do that” and it takes me a while to really get over it and just give it a try (same thing happened with zippers…fear conquered, post to follow 🙂 ) I want to do things perfectly, and I’ve realized with sewing, perfection is well… not going to happen. The love is in the quirks.

Anyways. I decided to try this project because she mentioned in her book that this could take an hour. Well, it took about two hours, with some help (thank you, love), but all in all it was a quick and satisfying project.

D helping me cut out circles.

D helping me cut out circles.

Piecing squares and tracing circles.

Piecing squares and tracing circles.

One of the biggest take-aways from this project was Ms. Baker’s side note advice on sewing circles – Sew fast and use small stitches. When I didn’t over think it, this method made the coasters look so much better! I just like to go slow, and that did not work as well with one of the coasters… Poor lopsided circle like coaster.

Any other advice for sewing circles?

The actual piecing and quilting to this project was great – definitely helped me feel more confident with moving on to bigger quilts. One of my next fears to conquer is new sewing “feet” and quilting in something other than a straight line. Any quilting advice for an amateur?

Happy Wednesday!